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The question of low church orthodoxy.
20-04-2009, 08:15 PM,
The question of low church orthodoxy.
I am currently a practicing Anglican and am most definately of the low church variety. However, having visited an Orthodox church and having read Orthodox theology I am convinced that it too has some low church qualities. Most notably, Orthodoxy appears to focus upon scripture as a source of faith and diverges from the Catholic tradition of the cult of the Virgin Mary. I am proud of my Protestant heritage but am afraid for the future of Christianity here in Britain, given the sweeping liberalisation that the Church of England is currently under-going. Therefore, I have considered convertion to Orthodoxy, which appears more resolute against the assaults of the modern world.
But I have some reservations. I do not want to abandon my low church heritage and I still want to feel at home in my local Anglican Church. So, is there anyone with any deep understanding of Orthodox practice and theology that could allay my fears or make any other helpful suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
Daniel Hayes.
Kyrie Eleison
20-04-2009, 08:38 PM,
Dear Daniel,

Christ is risen!

Welcome to this forum, and I hope it will be a blessing to you.

You are right that what I would call evangelicalism - since I grew up an evangelical and trained for evangelical ministry - resonates with some aspects of Orthodoxy. And since I believe that Orthodoxy is - at its best - the fulness of the Christian life, or rather of life in Christ - it is to be expected, and a matter of thanksgiving, that wherever there are those who love the name of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, there are echoes of Orthodoxy.

One of the aims of the British Orthodox Forum and Fellowship is to help people in your situation learn about and experience more of Orthodoxy without having to abandon everything that is familiar. We do believe that it is possible to become more Orthodox, and that in a real sense that is what all of us are doing, including, and especially, those of us who are formally Orthodox.

There is a great deal that we believe you would benefit from both personally and spiritually within the Orthodoxy that we seek it live out. I hope that you will feel comfortable enough to fellowship with us and see what resonates most with you at this stage in your Christian pilgrimage.

But...I cannot promise that you will always feel comfortable in your present Anglican Church. There will surely be times when what we want to share conflicts with what you have learned and experienced there, and you will have to face that, in prayer and with humility, as we seek to share our lives and experiences in prayer and with humility.

Back to your post. I am just starting a book called Jesus and the Eyewitnesses. It is by an evangelical scholar and I will enjoy reading about Christ and about the Gospels. There are many positive connections between evangelicalism and Orthodoxy. If our life is not about Christ then there is no point to it. We begin and end our spiritual lives in Christ.

Do bear with us, and let us see how we can provoke and inspire one another to greater love of Christ, our one Lord.

God bless your searching

Father Peter
20-04-2009, 08:44 PM,
Thank you very much Father.
I do believe the Christian path is leaning me towards Orthodoxy. However, I value patience and caution, so will discover my way fully, with the help of the British Orthodox Fellowship.
Thank you again.
Kyrie Eleison
20-04-2009, 08:53 PM,
Dear Daniel

It is always wisest to take small steps and build on them. We are convinced that even if you never choose to become formally Orthodox there is much of great spiritual value which in Orthodoxy which you will be able to draw on.

Best wishes

Father Peter

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