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Considering Propositions
15-04-2009, 06:45 PM,
I think Abouna Peter is correct here in his outlook, in considering the Creed a gift which we have received instead of that which we must believe, both are correct but the perspective is different - a classic "glass is half full vs half empty" scenario.

But I see where you are coming from also Rick, some people are genuinely searching for some firm delimiters as a means to proclaim what they are, which in the nebulous see of protestantism is sometimes hard to find. Orthodoxy certainly does have much more defined borders than most of denominational protestantism but it is because we know our faith better and because we remember that we are subject to God and not vice-versa. Many Protestant groups seem to fear offending anyone and therefore adjust their beliefs to be inclusive; and while I agree that this is a nice sentiment, it is sometimes at the expense of the truth. Mind you, this does not mean that we should cram the truth in peoples faces, but rather help them to embrace it gradually. This reminds me of what a dear father said to me about his work in India, Abouna Silas; he said that he can't tell the children in his orphanage that God is a Good Father because that invokes feelings of hatred and pain for them due to the horrible and abusive situations from which they came. But when he has shown them through his love what a good father is really like, then he can present this truth to them.

So I shy away from telling everyone what orthodoxy is, and rather I tell them about God whom I love and who loves me - ultimately this is orthodoxy, us answering God's call and responding in faith - and how much different is that from the protestants?

But to satisfy those who inquire to know, we can tell them that Orthodoxy is not just a bible based ministry, but rather it is much more. God is not a book full of words, He is the living Father that created all things as is stated in the Creed. He is our savior, redeemer and sustainer as in the Creed and He is our Inspiration and our Guide as in the Creed. We have a rich heritage of fathers who lived and died for the faith and have preserved for us the true contextual understanding of the Holy Bible free from the private interpretation of the Protestants. In my studies of Greek I have learned that you can make the Bible say whatever you want when you translate it into other languages, but the tradition and sayings of the fathers is what keeps us on the strait and narrow. We are not a bible based church, we are the church that gave the world the Bible. We do not read the bible in a vacuum, devoid inspiration beyond its pages, we believe in God the inspiration of the Bible and we seek to know him by following the tradition which flows directly from His visitation to His creation, and we do not follow after those who teach a new doctrine, or who say come and see God is over here or over there because we know that Satan works in such ways.

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