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Courageous Catholics Defeat Feminist Assault
02-10-2008, 08:26 PM,
Courageous Catholics Defeat Feminist Assault
Hello all, I hope we are all very well?

I found this video on Tradition, Family and Property a Catholic group and thought of the forum. Its very inspirational where some devoted Catholics are defending their church property peacefully against several thousand feminists. May their courage inspirational to all christians around the world in the face of so called 'modernity' and liberalism.

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The video above shows how on August 22 Argentina?s annual feminist Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres (National Gathering of Women) finished with a customary march throughout the city. However, when they planned their march to end at the city cathedral, they never guessed what would await them there.

The gathering is held in a different city each year. This year?s event took place in the oil-rich city of Neuquen.

The march was the culminating point of a weekend of conferences held on so-called ?women?s issues? like abortion and overcoming societal ?discrimination.? Since the group is an outspoken opponent of the Catholic Church, it is not surprising that they decided to end their march at the Neuquen Cathedral.

When they arrived, there were a group of around 70 young men gathered on the Church steps, forming the only barrier between the 10,000-15,000 marchers and the house of God. Throughout the next hour, the marchers hurled insults, blasphemies and obscene gestures at the faithful, who in spite of everything continued praying the rosary in a forceful voice. The sacrileges that would have ensued, had the Catholics not been present or decided to leave, can only be imagined.

Violence certainly could have erupted, especially as the feminists spit in the men?s faces and ripped the banner from their hands to burn it. However, the only reaction they received, was the repeated sounds of the Hail Mary, defiantly chanted.

After more than an hour, the women were forced to admit defeat and end the march.

The event stands out as a victory of uprightness over chaos, gentlemanly conduct over barbarism and most of all, of the Church over Her enemies.


On another note I really advise that members here should sign up to facebook.

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The amount of people on this social networking site is in the millions. It it has hegemony over most others and is easy to use. It would be perfect for sharing information and showing others about the British Orthodox church as well as meeting and joining other Orthodox groups. On the site you can set up a group which gives you a forum, a description page, a 'wall' to write on and a image gallery all in one page which can be accessed by other people on facebook should they join.
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