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Announcing the launch of
01-08-2008, 09:10 AM,
announcing the launch of
As a Syriac Orthodox Christian I suppose that I must put forward my point of view. It does seem that those of you contributing so far to the problem of Oriental Orthodoxy in India have not fully looked into the matter, something which is not to be blamed because of the length of the dispute and its complexity.
Not taking sides is wrong. A brief resume of the history of the conflict will tell you that the Patriarchs of Antioch who have dealt with the situation in India have shown great patience and for decades left more than enough time and space for the so-called Indian Orthodox Church to sit down with the Syriac Orthodox Church and work out a viable settlement. It has been the Indian Orthodox refusal to accept the Patriarch's offer of discussions over a period of years which led to the impasse. The only condition that our Patriarch gave to have discussions was that the Indian Orthodox stopped pursuing the Syriac Orthodox Church through the courts - they even tried to prevent the Patriarch from visiting India! The fact that after decades of wrangling and occasional peace formulas that the Indian Orthodox always reneged on, and in spite of provocations and persecution through the courts, the Patriarch still held out his hand for discussions should show anyone who was really behaving in a Christian manner.
Prayers should be directed so that the leaders of the Indian Orthodox
Church stop its endess pursuit of the Syriac Orthodox Church through the courts in India, and should stop its interference in the Syriac Orthodox Church in the USA and Europe. These prayers should be directed to guide the Indian Orthodox back to the Patriarch for the discussions so long overdue.
Regarding mission statements, it would be better to incorporate the gist of the above so that everyone can see that we pray for those who do wrong.

I would quite willingly go into full details of the dispute in India, but it fills me with such despair that I feel it better to offer the above mentioned prayers.

Kirk Yacoub

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