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Death of Abba Marcos of France
18-05-2008, 09:07 PM,
The Departure of Abba Marcos
Abba Seraphim has asked that I should make available the following report sent to him by his Egyptian Secretary, Shenouda Mamdouh Abdou:

"I just came from the airport where I received Abba Athanasios who came from France after the recent departure of Metropolitan Marcos.

I learned that the late Abba Marcos had suffered from pain in the chest over the past year. Last Tuesday 6-May they were supposed to go to Barcelona to deliver a lecture about the Coptic Church. The person who was supposed to collect them was late, so Abba Marcos decided to take the train. It was a very comfortable wagon and he calmly slept for the whole journey. Arriving in Barcelona, he was feeling fine but had a big pain in his chest. His hosts rushed him to the nearby well-equipped hospital.

From Tuesday till Saturday he has a doing fine, rested and prayed. In hospital he was healthy and alert and took the chance to read a book. On Sunday, Abba Athanasios had to travel to pray to return and back at night. It is there that he learned about the departure of Abba Marcos around 10h30 in the morning. It was Western Pentecost. It is suggested that the late Abba Marcos suffered an angina which was not treated and due to rest moved through the body until it caused a stroke on Sunday morning. Although the shock was painful because we shall be separated from him, it was a quick end without much pain and the Lord prepared everything. Pope Shenouda sent Bishops Bassilios and Abraam to help and according to Abba Marcos' will, his body was transferred to Egypt to be buried at St Bishoy's Monastery.

Sunday evening the phones were ringing in Barcelona from round the world. Bishop Athanasios thanks you for your call and your condolences. This evening (Sunday 18-May) at 20h00, the Bishops accompanied Bishop Athanasios to Egypt where they were received by some friends. They rushed to St Mark Centre before meeting HH tonight. Tomorrow, the funeral will take place at St Mark Cathedral in Cairo."

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