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BOC Conference at Mickfield
12-05-2008, 10:34 AM,
Yes, Jan and I enjoyed the conference very much indeed. I agree very much with what people are saying. The venue was perfect and the atmosphere was positive throughout, exactly what one would want from a Christian gathering. I would like to see this as an annual event with perhaps more fellowship members present on future occasions, if possible.
The content was likewise excellent throughout and a tour de force from Peter! But a couple of corrections - Fr Simon spoke on the diaconite. I spoke on the church - the British Orthodox Church and the Churches - and I alluded to the Ignatian definition of the church as centred around its bishop. I agree with you John, Abba Seraphim is a perfect example of that and in defining the church one need look no further than our gathering around him on Saturday, or at any time for that matter. The BOC is demonstrably the church in all its fullness.
However, some constructive criticism is always useful if we intend to build on an event like this. For me, while the content was as I have said generally excellent throughout there was too much of it for a one-day conference. We had in effect eight papers presented which is probably twice what was needed and a test of everyone's ability to concentrate on and assimilate the substantial points being made. Perhaps with less to get through we would have more time for discussion and reflection. In a charitible Christian context such as this we need have no fear of discussion, even of disagreement. More time like this would increase the opportunities for fellowship too which would not be time wasted.
These points are not intended to be negative. I thought the conference was a real success and I got a lot out of it. But if we are truly to benefit from the experience then some sound evaluation and reflection is required.
In Christ,

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