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New martyr in Iraq
11-04-2008, 08:18 AM,
New martyr in Iraq
By now you will have heard of the martyrdom of Father Youssef Abdel Abboudi, a Syriac Orthodox priest who was shot dead in Baghdad on Saturday, 6th April. For a movingly spiritual response to this please see
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Notice that the Syriac Orthodox Bishop of Baghdad and Basra is not laying the blame at the feet of Muslims, but points out that "hand of the devil" is working against all religious people in Iraq, whether Christians or Muslims.
I would ask everyone to prayer for the soul of the martyr Youssef Abdel Abboudi, so that he may pray for us. Pray also for the comfort of his family and parishioners. Every day I pray for the intercession of Mary Yoldath Alodo (Theotokos) and all of the saints to bring comfort,strength and hope to all Christians in Iraq who are striving to keep alive Her Son's
Holy Church.
Kirk Yacoub

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