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"Spiritual differences " within the Orthodox Churc
28-02-2008, 09:55 AM,
"spiritual differences" within the Orthodox Church
Just to add that,although I attend the Syriac Orthodox Church, where services are in both Syriac and Arabic (inevitably, because 90% of the congregation are from Iraq and most of the rest are from Arab-speaking countries) I have never felt isolated or without understanding. One of the important reasons is that the Church provides two texts for the Liturgy, one in which the Syriac is transliterated into Latin script with an accompanying English translation, the other in which the text is in Syriac,
Garshuni (Syriac transliterated into the Arabic script) and an Arabic translation. The importance of preserving Syriac is immense, it being the everyday language spoken by Christ and His disciples.
Anyone reading the English version of the Liturgy is immediately captivated by the beauty and the piety of the words, and all those who have heard the Syriac intoned and chanted by the choirs and the congregation will immediately sense a spiritual uplify which cannot be described.
Kirk Yacoub

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