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The Anglo-Saxon Church
11-10-2007, 03:32 PM,
Dear John,

I suppose what I am really struggling to get my (Catholic) head around is the notion of a much more fluid concept of terms to describe Christians in Britain.

My question with regards to pre-Chalcedonian saints does link in somewhat as well given that there are a huge number of saints in the Calendar in the Fellowship Book who are at least to my investigation thus far not Orthodox in the sense that we might understand it today e.g. St Alphege of Canterbury or St Augustine.

I think I need to reappraise my way of looking at this topic and realise that Orthodoxy has always existed but is called by many different names?
For example is it possible that the liturgy in use in so called "Catholic" Britain post-1066 could in fact be very much more Orthodox than I give it credit for?

With regards to Harold and William I found this rather interesting web site about the flag in use in Saxon England. The history section of the site includes this quote from William:
Quote:The Death Bed Confessions of William the [censored] of Normandy as recorded by Orderic Vitalis:

"I have persecuted the English beyond all reason. Whether gentle or simple I have cruelly oppressed them; many I unjustly disinherited; innumerable multitudes perished through me by famine or the sword.... I fell upon the English of the Northern shire like a ravening lion. Commanded their houses and corn, with all their implements and chattels to be burnt without distinction, and great herds of cattle and beasts of burden to be butchered wherever they were found. In this way I took revenge upon multitudes of both sexes by subjecting them to the calamity of a cruel famine, and so became the barbarous murderer of many thousands, both young and old of that fine race of people. Having gained the throne of that kingdom by so many crimes, I dare not leave it to anyone but God......"

And as much as I don't like to get into 'what if?' history the concept of still being ruled by a Saxon monarch is quite intriguing to contemplate! Smile

Thank you for your reply,

In Christ,


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