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The Vatican on the Orthodox
17-07-2007, 09:25 AM,
the vatican on the orthodox
As a member of the Syriac Orthodox Church who is married to a Roman Catholic, I can say first of all, that the attitude of the RC clergy I have dealings with has been first class, ecumenical, and always positive. We Syriac Orthodox have the possibility of not only receiving the sacraments
of Communion, Penance, and the Anointing of the Sick from a RC priest, but also of course, a Roman Catholic may also receive these sacraments from
a Syriac Orthodox priest. Also, inter-marriage is now permitted. When the
late Pope John Paul II (may his name be blessed) visited Damascus in May, 2001, the Syriac Orthodox Patriarch, His Holiness Ignatios Zakka I
Iwas emphasised that the Common Declaration signed between the two Churches in 1984 "is unique indeed... because it went beyond doctrinal professions of the two Churches to embrace the pastoral care of the faithful in both Churches..."
Another interesting fact of the late Pope's visiit to Damascus is that he deliberately paid homage "to the entire Syriac tradition", including in this St Paul the Apostle, St Ignatios of Antioch, St Simeon Stylites, St John Chrysostom, and the very Eastern Orthodox St John of Damascus.
Having attended RC masses I can see how complicated it would be simply from a practical point of view to concelebrate the Mass. However, it is not really for us weak human beings to think this way of difficulties, it is sufficient that we strive for unity and trust in the work of the Holy Spirit.

Kirk Yacoub

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