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a spiritual wanderer
12-04-2007, 08:40 PM,
a spiritual wanderer
Its a few months since I posted on this forum, and I have to say that my sense of disorientation and uncertainty over my Christian future is as serious as ever. Last Autumn, about the time of the setting up of the BOF and this forum, I decided that I could no longer worship as a member of the Church of England in spite of more than five years of happy membership at the same church. This is due to the direction the Church of England and the Anglican Communion in general is taking. As I have no liking for Protestantism, I saw three possible options for my spiritual future: Rome, Constantinople or Continuing Anglicanism.

Rome would be easy. My wife is RC and I often attend Mass at her church anyway, to keep her company. Yet I have problems with the Papacy in its present form. The RC's like the Anglicans, have deformed their traditional liturgies beyond recognition to the point that it is a 20 minute Mass in banal Noddy language.

Continuing Anglicans, such as the Anglican Catholic Church which has several Missions in Kent, retain the traditional Anglo-Catholic liturgy of the 1549 Prayer Book and the English Missal. These Rites, along with pre-schism Rites like Sarum are as close to liturgical perfection as it comes, at least to my ears. Yet, far from returning to the source, Continuing Anglicanism is a multi-schismated shambles.

Orthodox Christianity has proved to my satisfaction that its closest to the original Christianity of the Apostles. So logically I should seek admission to an Orthodox jurisdiction. I've visited more than one. They are usually friendly, but I can't relate to Old Slavonic, Greek terminology for everything and Eastern customs being imported wholesale into the proceedings. I also have a certain amount of difficulty with the BYzantine Rites, feeling much more comfortable with our own.

So what have I done wth all this confusion. I've become a spiritual wanderer, belonging to no church, but still going to church most weeks. I sometimes have to work on Sundays. I have visited the ACC. I've been to several Orthodox jurisdictions. I've visited an Orthodox Study Group whose aim is to bring Western Rite Orthodoxy to the UK, which has, but a handful of members and a mountain to climb. I haven't visited the BOC, though I did a few years ago. You'd be surprised how much churches operating under the Patriarchates of Antioch, Moscow or ROCOR look askance if the Copts or anyone connected with them are mentioned. They act as if non-Chalcedonians are beyond the pale of Christianity. I even returned to the Church of England over Advent and Christmas, though I've resisted the temptation to do so again for Pascha.

So I ask all of you to pray for me that I find some sense of direction on these windy seas, rather than blow about for years not knowing what to do.
Yours in Christ

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