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Reincarnation and Apocatastasis
12-04-2007, 08:05 PM,
Originally posted by Fr Gregory:
Quote: Thus, if I teach that all will be saved, I teach heresy. If I say that I hope that, in the fullness of time and the infinite love and mercy of God, all may be saved, my teaching is Orthodox.

As a former universalist, I have come to agree that the Orthodox doctrine on this matter must be right. In his book "The Orthodox Church", +Kallistos Ware expresses it the same way. A complete universalism both denies human free will and God's right to judge. Yet in keeping with what Fr Gregory writes, none of us would, in my opinion, be much as Christians, if we didn't hold that "pious hope" that all may be saved.

Reincarnation is a much more difficult matter for a potential Christian in that it is in no way compatible with Christian teaching. Apart from the teachings of the Eastern religions, Jewish kabbalists affirm a belief in it. Yet mainstream Rabbinic Judaism shares with Christianity a belief in the resurrection of the dead in a glorified version of the earthly body. There's no room for reincarnation within Christianity.

In Christ
Yours in Christ

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