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God the Creator
22-03-2007, 03:01 PM,
God the Creator
I find it very difficult to believe in the existence of God as a literal Creator of cosmos.

The title of Demiurge has been given as a name for the Maker or Creator of the world in Platonism. In some Gnostic texts, the Demiurge is conceived of as a being subordinate to the Supreme Being, and sometimes as the author of evil.

I can accept the existence of God at the root of my consciousness - That which is experienced as the Source of Being: the Supreme Being in other words. However, the idea of God as a literal Creator of all "external things" as well as myself, existing "out there", I find very hard to accept and believe in.

How can I convince myself that such an Entity (or Non- or Super- Entity philosophically speaking) exists?

[If God "exists" then presumably He is not "God".]

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