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Some background on the BOC
18-09-2006, 09:29 PM,
Some background on the BOC
I have a question about the current staus of the BOC. How many members do you currently have? You have explained that you are full members of the Coptic Orthodox Church and that Abba Seraphim holds a position as a full Metropolitan within the church. I notice from the internet that the Coptic Orthodox Church itself has a presence here in the UK. Is there much contact and liaison between yourselves and them?

I realise that their ministry is probably primarily to ex-patriate Egyptian and other Arab Christians wheras yours is to hearken back to the Orthodox roots of British Christianity, but as members of the same church I would presume you are in quite regular contact. The beautiful place they have near Stevenage would seem an ideal setting for team building and conferences.
Yours in Christ

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