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08-03-2007, 10:49 AM,
Could I please be given here an "Idiot's Guide" to the Catechumenate of the British Orthodox Church?

The following questions arise in my mind:

What obligations do Catechumens accept?
Is there a 'time frame' for the Catechumenate, or is this process 'open-ended', as the individual feels guided by the Holy Spirit and their own conscience?
Are Catechumens accepted at particular points in the Church Year, or can applicants make their request to His Grace Abba Seraphim and their Parish Priest at any time?
Is it a foregone conclusion that the Catechumen will choose to accept Christian Initiation through Holy Baptism, or does the British Orthodox Church leave it entirely up to the individual concerned to take this big step for themselves without being pressurised in any way?
As John Charmley pointed out, is the approach of the British Orthodox Church essentially loving and 'eirenic' (to use his lovely word) with regard to the Catechumenate?
Is there a liturgical form of admission to the Catechumenate? On entering the Catechumenate, are candidates marked with the Sign of the Cross for example?

I do not wish to make a false declaration of intent (as it were) about the Catechumenate until I understand and can accept "what I am letting myself in for."

I didn't mean to do this by my previous posting, and sincerely apologise if I foolishly gave the wrong impression. [See my 'Please Pray For Me' posting under Prayer Requests]

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