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Please Pray For Me
04-03-2007, 09:03 PM,
Please Pray For Me
Having attended Divine Liturgy today, and feeling "buoyed up" by the encouragement of others, I have decided that I will spend my time from now until Pentecost (which is 27 May 2007) trying to gain a true spirit of repentance, in particular for my homosexual activities and tendencies. Should God grant me Grace to do His Will, I will petition Father Michael Robson and Abba Seraphim to accept me as a Catechumen by letter at Pentecost 2007. This appears to me to be the earliest decent time to do this.

I feel that this is what the Holy Spirit wants me to do. Please pray for me. Your kind thoughts, good wishes and prayers would be most welcome as I ask for Grace in coming to terms with this aspect of my life.

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