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Attending St. Alban's Chatham again
04-03-2007, 04:36 PM,
Dear Mark

I am glad that you made it to Chatham and were blessed by being there with us. Of course I wished that we could have all chatted afterwards but I completely understand about the travel complications, especially with travel on a Sunday.

I also enjoyed the liturgy today, though I also had to keep an eye on my son Callum, and Don, the Indian lad. But they both like to serve.

I thought that Father's homily was very good today and was encouraged by it, also the scripture readings.

Yes you are quite right. God is not deceived by a false confession, and He will wait as long as it takes, as will all of us, but on the other hand, do not expect to come to some point of perfection before you can move on, because Satan can also deceive us in such a way. It is intent which matters, and commitment to trying our best. God honours our efforts.

But you are also right to understand that there is a need to agree with the Church, at least on the substance. Because if the Church is a spiritual hospital then there is a need to agree with the diagnosis and the treatment.

Of course you know that there are many of us who will be more than willing to discuss with you those things which you find difficult, both online and offline, in this forum and in private emails and letters, and in face to face conversations.

Thank you for making the effort to come to Chatham and St Alban's again. It was a blessing to worship with you.

In Christ


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