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Fasting and Vegan Food
21-02-2007, 08:53 PM,
Fasting and Vegan Food
Those contemplating regularly eating vegan food as part of a fasting programme (as outlined in Our Daily Life) may have felt at some stage like losing the will to live. However, things are not all that grim if you persevere and shop around.

I am glad to have found that not all vegan products in my local health food shop are expensive, tasteless, bland, joyless affairs (though many of them are - vegan 'cheese' is vile, for example). Soya milk is quite nice, especially if it's sweetened. 'Dove's Farm' brand organic corn flakes and other products are surprisingly nice.

Think twice before becoming vegan though, should you feel very enthusiastic. I have tried to several times in the past, but have felt ill after a few months on each occasion and gave up. Unless you can afford good quality multi-chelated vitamin supplements and can be very "choosy" about diet, then perhaps it's a bad decision. Don't necessarily believe all the claims made by vegan propagandists in my opinion.

There are very good ethical reasons for becoming vegan, and I'm not in any way 'knocking it'. However, I do think that the Vegan Society is not worth joining for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is that it has some members who will do rather bizarre things in the name of 'Animal Liberation', however 'normal' they may appear. At the moment, I do eat meat regularly. I am shocked and saddened by the way animals are treated in so many different contexts. I should really stop eating it altogether, I suppose. Sadly, the smell and taste of sizzling sausages always makes my mouth water. Kyrie eleison and happy fasting.

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