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New but not
16-11-2013, 07:54 AM,
New but not
Hi, me and my wife started attending a Greek Orthodox church with an English speaking service back in March. We have no been chrismated and we both come from protestant backgrounds, though I think I can say neither of us were ever more than apologists. We really enjoy the Orthodox liturgy but our church is too far away (what with rising living costs!) and we're on low wages so just cannot afford the petrol to drive for half an hour (at least) and back so we are currently quite on our own as we know of no local Orthodox either in an official capacity or just some people who we can relate to. We live in West Berks which is strongly Anglican protestant (our town played host to Henry VIII on at least one occasion) so most do not even know anything about Orthodoxy, let alone have an opinion on it and we're not really in a position to expand greatly on how Orthodoxy is different without possibly saying things about catechism which aren't true so I'm here hopefully to find some nearby Orthodox who we can spend time or have fellowship with.

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New but not - JGHunter - 16-11-2013, 07:54 AM
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