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Thank you Father Michael and Abba Seraphim
17-02-2007, 11:34 AM,
Thank you Father Michael and Abba Seraphim
God is good. Today I received wise, kind and gracious letters from Father Michael and His Grace Abba Seraphim. I would like to thank them both from the heart for these responses which are so encouraging to me.

Although it would be inappropriate to quote from Father Michael's epistle, I hope that His Grace will not mind me sharing the following words with members of the Fellowship, in the hope that they may help others too.

Quote:I am glad you feel called to become Orthodox and I believe and hope that it will meet your spiritual needs and bring you to a closer relationship with God. Father Michael Robson is a wise counsellor and you will gain much if you place yourself in his care, whilst the two subdeacons at Chatham, Peter Farrington & Dr. Michael Kennedy, will also give sound advice, so - although the community there is, as yet, quite small - it offers much. By making this request you have embarked on the first step of a pilgrimage which will continue for the rest of your life and I pray that you will receive many blessings. We know, however, that Satan will seek, through snares and delusions, to turn you away from the right path and I pray that God's grace will strengthen and support you throughout.

Your awareness of your sins has softened your heart but you must learn to have faith in God's forgiveness, even if you do not always succeed in overcoming temptations. We are taught never to despair of the long-suffering and compassion of God. In the presence of His absolute purity and awesome sanctity we all stand naked and ashamed, yet assured of His constant love and forgiveness.

I shall pray for you. Please also pray for me.
[signed, Yours sincerely in Xp, +Seraphim]
Abba Seraphim

In his poem 'A Young Man's Exhortation', Thomas Hardy writes:
Quote:If I have seen one thing
It is the passing preciousness of dreams;
That aspects are within us; and who seems
Most kingly is the King.

I sense from the two letters I received today, that the two writers have realised the Kingship of Christ in their own lives. I feel truly grateful to them for their kindness to me. Thomas Hardy may not have found Christ the King for himself (I do not know) but I am certain that British Orthodox Church clergy most certainly have.

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