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28-06-2012, 01:23 PM,
RE: Millenium
Peter your question has been answered there is no need for you to continue this conversation its pointless you are trying to change an unchanging church. I came across that forum and found you to have the same "arguments" as most protestants you take the symbolic for literal and the literal for symbolic, for instance according to you God only owned 1000 cattle on 1000 hills... and those are probably dead by now since David was the one who said that so He now has nothing... Its absurdity, 1000 often, not every time, but often represents many... things like this to get caught up on is pointless and unfruitful you ignored my last comments and honestly i dont really see anyone else carrying this on with you as you brought a question and it was answered very clearly... If you want to be IN the Church you must submit TO the Church the saints you quote werent in violation of the church in thier time it wasnt a real big issue. since it wasnt addressed many bad things came out of it almost to the point that the Apocalypse was not canonized... the church was forced to make a stand and come to an agreement on doctrine and God led her to the way she is, if you dont want to submit to that then go elsewhere its simple... like i said i still struggle very much with the same concept and i will continue until the wisdom of the Church is revealed to me...
A Thiarna Íosa Críost, A Mhic Dé, déan trócaire orm, mar is peacach mé

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