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27-06-2012, 11:34 AM,
RE: Millenium
DanielM..To claim that Orthodoxy is defined simply and only by councils is to sound the death knell of the Coptic, Eastern and Oriental churches, since they were branded as heretics and must succumb to the voice of the Ecumenical Church... My reference to the broken reed of Egypt and the arrow was not a threat but a scorn of a Buddhist proverb that has no application to the situation, as well as a reminder that there will be no council representation on the day of reckoning, but all will have to stand and answer as individuals having " examined THEMSELVES daily to see if they be in the Faith"...I assure you there is no animosity or anger, though there IS great disatisfaction with the slurs directed against the truly Orthodox Fathers of the 2nd century, which have NEVER been anathematised as heretics, as Cerinthus and Montanus were..Since they have yet to be anathematised, regardless of whether one may or may be accepted as a Catachumen for holding their beliefs, in reality there is currently NO grounds for heresy in reference to the chiliasm of the undivided 2nd century Orthodox Church. In a nutshell, though those who hold the keys may wilfully bar entry to those that do not, they do so unlawfully and contrary to undivided Orthodoxy.. I am claiming that to bar an earnest believer from the life of Orthodoxy on the grounds of a presumed yet undeclared anathema of the Fathers ( including Saint John) is unjust and unChristian, as well as contrary to Scripture and Orthodoxy itself. Montanistic theories of "progressive development and revelation" are equally contraventions of Orthodoxy, yet you appear to subscribe to both.. Your arguments remain circular and unconvincing, and for these reasons one must ask whether you would wish to cast the first stone of anathema( in order to cement with any degree of authority the charge of heresy) against the Fathers of the undivided Orthodox church of the 2nd century, yourself..Until you do, your answer lacks all authority and smack only of wilfullness and disobedience.. Peter Cvek

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