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27-06-2012, 11:00 AM,
RE: Millenium
Dear Peter,

Your response confuses me, as it appears that you have come onto this forum to ask about the view on a specific issue but clearly have a view which would not be shaken. It also appears that the same has occurred on other sites where you have formed rants against all who disagree. With this in mind I ask, are you actually hear to ask if we accept you as someone willing to join the Church and thus learn of the Orthodox Faith (which you would as a Catechumen) or purely here to argue against the very faith you are enquiring about?

You asked about Chiliasm and I answered, it was condemned at two councils whch we accept, and therefore not accepted by the Church. You seem to have an issue with the authority of the Church on these matters and quite simply, Councilar authority overwrites the view of a single saint when it comes to doctrine, otherwise we would be accepting the Augustinian view of Original Sin and other views which the EO and OO see as incorrect, though expoused by some who are saints.

When you said "Orthodoxy was shaped by the very men and saints which you so easily, and with one fell swoop, condemn." I agree, I have the highest regard for the Saint. The key here is that I am not condemning a Saint but pointing out the Counciliar (and therefore doctrinally accepted) view on this. If anyone, it is you insulting the Church whose foundation is set on the Faith of the Three Councils accepted by the OO by putting the views of singular figures, however Holy, above her.

As for the comments on my regarding the asking of the question before anything else, it was simply an observation. In Orthodoxy, love of God, the Bride of Christ (His Church) and the Sacramental life should be what you are asking yourself rather than just stating your view on Salvation Mechanics and being angry if the Church does not share them, or others in the Church have a view contrary to your own. Need I remind you that you were the one here asking for a view from others.

Finally, in my opinion as a humble sinner, accusations, threats and abuse are not accepted in this forum and comments like "Once this reed, this arrow which you so surely lean on now breaks, you will no doubt learn that on the day of reckoning there is no consensus, nor safety in numbers" with regards to my acceptence of the Church's teachings are not appropriate for someone asking whether they are suitable for the Orthodox Faith. We are all brothers in Christ and in the Church here, so to insult someone for accepting the Doctrinal position on a matter is to insult the Bride of Christ.

In Christ, Daniel
"The true Christian is a warrior making his way through the regiments of the invisible enemy to his heavenly homeland." - St Herman of Alaska.

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