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26-06-2012, 03:44 PM,
RE: Millenium
DanielM...I consider your answer as not so much a calumny against me, but against the memory of the blessed saints and martyrs whose legacy you disparage with your one-sided dismissal.. It is the legacy of those saints who believed in the same as I do, yet whose memory cannot be erased from true Orthodoxy, nor ever will be, since their worth is far greater than you are able to fathom.. Orthodoxy was shaped by the very men and saints which you so easily, and with one fell swoop, condemn. It is very easy to dismiss and have nothing better to replace the object of scorn with, excepting vaguaries and nuances about " ranting Baptists" etc.etc. It only displays a fear and threat of something not entirely understood, and obviously tainted by the brush of feared abuses that harbour superficial similarities, including superstitions... The Coptic and Eastern Orthodox church has learned the power of slander by being for so long victims of it under the faulty accussation of Monophysitism.. Yet from what I can see, the persecuted has become the persecutor in your case, and proceeds to cast stones whilst clutching with some uncertainty to the broken reed of Egypt: the security of this world's esteem, including the consensus of ecumenical councils ( which have been proven to be wrong at times by Chalcedon)..Once this reed, this arrow which you so surely lean on now breaks, you will no doubt learn that on the day of reckoning there is no consensus, nor safety in numbers... Peter Cvek.

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