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25-06-2012, 07:41 PM,
... Does a belief in a literal millenial reign of Christ on a rejuvenated earth disqualify one from acceptance and entry into the Eastern Orthodox Church, particularly the Coptic? I have heard the following arguments presented by Copts on the subject: (Bishop Irenaeus of Lyons, who claimed that the Apostle John wrote his Gospel to refute Cerinthus ( including Cerinthus' abuse of the teaching and reality of Chiliasm), is, along with Justyn Martyr and Barnabas and Hippolytus, my main port of call in holding to the belief that a literal kingdom will be established in the near future, yet one that will certainly NOT be ushered in by us).

a) Coptic Christians believe that when Jesus claimed that His " Kingdom was not of this world" he was refuting any claims to a millenial kingdom, yet at the same time claim that the " millenial kingdom" which is clearly depicted in the Apocalypse, lasts NOT 1000 years but 2000 years, namely, from the crucifixion and resurrection until about now.. ( This does not appear logical, since with one hand the possibility of a millenial reign is refuted, yet with the other it is said to last 2000 years);
b) Coptic Christians believe that Chiliasm is somehow equated solely with the kingdom-ushering-in teachings of the Gnostic heretic Cerinthus;
c) Coptic Christians do not differentiate between the promises given to the literal Jews who, as the Apostle Paul tells us, are " dear to the Father" ( the " apple of His eye" infact), whereas we are " dear to the Son", which said promises concern a LITERAL restoration of the jews ( which has occured), and a literal millenial reign on earth ( in the millenial " Kingdom of the Father", which is a literal kingdom on earth, as opposed to the spiritual kingdom of " the Son" of which Christ spoke of as not being of this world);
d) Coptic Christians do not believe that when we pray the Lord's Prayer we are at every instant remembering and affirming the truth of a coming " Kingdom of the Father" where His will is done on Earth as it is in Heaven ( this has not occured over the last 2000 years, as history affirms)...

Could you please address my above observations and confirm whether holding to pure Chiliasm as taught by the Apostle John, by Barnabas, by Hippolytus, by Irenaeus and by Papias and Justyn Martyr, excludes me from acceptance and entry into the Coptic Orthodox Communion... In Sincerity.... Peter Cvek..

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