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25-06-2012, 06:54 PM,
RE: Monophysitism
I have just heard Father Peter Farrington' podcast, and thank you dearly for supplying the link... The position of consubstantiality of Christ's humanity, and of his Divinity without confused mingling of natures is clearly delineated as the true teaching of the Eastern Orthodox Churches today. This is very heartening indeed. Miaphysitism, it appears to me, is infact not only what Cyril of Alexandria taught ( who has been calumnied by the west for many unjust reasons, including the death of the heathen Hypatia), but what that other great, yet greatly maligned saint, Bishop Hippolytus of Rome, also taught on the very same point of Christology, some two centuries earlier..What Cyril codified in theological Terminology, Hippolytus, it seems to me, presented in theological Typology. Just as Christ's UNITED and consubstantial natures are woven seamlessly, the " garment" has been over the centuries rent by covetous Roman " theological" soldiers, with parts going here, others there, and nothing but confusion, rending, mayhem and false claims everywhere. Thank you for this very well presented podcast from Father Peter Farrington.. Peter Cvek...

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