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When did the Church appear?
17-11-2011, 05:03 PM,
Just to keep the pot boiling, so to speak, I have had some suggestions that point to the Church coming into existence almost, as it were, in two stages. It is regarded by some as being 'formed' at the Last Supper, with the institution of the Eucharist. But it was not 'Commissioned' until the Holy Ghost completed the process at Pentecost. (My terms, not necessarily theologically accurate.)

This may well be the case. However, it does not answer the question about the status of the sacraments prior to Pentecost. Clearly the Eucharist existed, but was it used or celebrated while Jesus was still on earth? We read that He broke bread and was recognised by doing so, but did anyone else follow His instruction from the Last Supper during this period?

And what of Baptism? If it was 'instituted' beside the Jordan but not 'activated' until Pentecost how were people admitted into the Church before then? I cannot imagine that the apostles remained the sole members until suddenly lots more people joined the Church at Pentecost - surely there would have been a gradual growth at least between the Resurrection and Pentecost.

I'm still awaiting answers from our theologians on this topic.
With love and prayers,

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