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Bin Laden's death - Worldwide celebration?
04-05-2011, 05:08 AM,
Daniel’s comments on the death of Osama Bin Laden are particularly appropriate and draw attention to a very important question for Christians.

Should we ever rejoice in the violent death of a human being?

I think the answer is simple: No!

We are given the strongest warnings by the Lord about presuming to pass judgment and deliver condemnation on others. This is a hard teaching in the case of those we know (or claim to know) have committed or inspired unspeakable evils. But the Lord did not command us not to judge others unless......

People like Bin Laden have rejoiced in the violent deaths of those they declared to be their enemies. If we rejoice in the violent deaths of those we declare to be our enemies, are we all that different to those we condemn? Many will say: “Yes, but our enemies are unspeakably evil people who deserve to die.” We have therefore claimed the right – even the obligation - to take up stones to cast against them. But the commandment of the Lord is......?

Insofar as, in the fallen world, there is violence, and violence may sometimes be required to protect against violence, we should respond with penitence and sorrow, not with triumphalism and rejoicing.

Fr Gregory

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