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Holy Fire Ceremony
04-05-2011, 07:14 PM,
Re: Testimony of the Armenian Orthodox Patriarch
Ferdia Wrote:thats kinda dissapointing... i found out about this "miracle" this year... i did some research and heard stories from two different patriarchs. One said after a prayer a "light" comes forth from the stone, The other said there is a candle within the tomb...

The thing is that the Greek patriarch has always claimed that the fire will only light for him, and the "ONE TRUE CHURCH" from which he means the Byzantine tradition.

It is pretty much a political ploy these by the Byzantines to keep undermining the authority of the Aemenians in Jerusalem. Most Byzantine sources speaking about it have some degrading mention of the Armenians. Sad.
"The true Christian is a warrior making his way through the regiments of the invisible enemy to his heavenly homeland." - St Herman of Alaska.

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