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Kingdom of Heaven and earth
27-01-2007, 10:21 AM,
Kingdom of Heaven and earth
I was interested to read in a couple of recent postings the apparent Monarchist sympathies within the Fellowhip. What 'causes' or political movements do British Orthodox people in general identify themselves with? Is Monarchy one of them? Are there any others? Abba Seraphim appears to associate himself with certain causes and ideals. What are these?

I don't know any Orthodox Christians of any label so am unable to ask them. Do you see the Kingship of God, the Transcendent Father, or the Lordship of Jesus Christ, best 'reflected' or 'demonstrated' in the Monarchic Ideal? "On earth as it is in heaven" springs to mind. Just as Christians want to obey the Holy Spirit as the Inner Ruler Immortal at the centre of the Kingdom of their beings, do they see the need for Kingship and a certain social order in the 'external' world? What is the general view of those guided by the Holy Spirit? Is the Monarchy seen as the living symbol of an unchanging yet ever fresh principle at the heart of national life? The living embodiment of a Spiritual Ideal perhaps?

While obviously politically 'conservative' on ethical issues, I imagine that most Orthodox would vote for the Conservative or United Kingdom Independence Party. Is that fair? Would they ever support the British National Party? With the drawing of all three mainstream parties into the soggy centre of democratic politics, how do Orthodox Christians demonstrate their discipleship in politics, in obedience to the commands of Christ? Or do they not vote at all like certain Protestant fundamentalists and support conscienscious objection and non-involvement with certain aspects of civil life? Do most of them read the Daily Telegraph?

This is an issue of crucial importance to Christian discipleship and is asked in a spirit of genuine enquiry. Tony Benn and Dennis Skinner MP call themselves practising Christians in the realm of politics, though both are ardent Republicans and socialists. Is there a consensus view in the British Orthodox Church? I want to obey the Holy Spirit, and am willing to accept that I have got this issue completely wrong in the past in my own life and am happy to accept the guidance of those for whom putting on the mind of Christ has become a living reality.

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