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What's in a name?
01-10-2010, 12:36 PM,
Unlabelled halal meat
"Unlabelled halal meat on sale in British supermarkets"
This puts me to remember of a time when I was in a local supermarket and I felt very strongly about meet being labled as Polish meet. I asked the then manager why this was being done as many British farmers were going out of business. I thought that as being british we all should support our own meet producers. As for this Unlabelled halal meat on sale in British supermarkets it would be best to have it labeled as those who eat this type of meet, may make a mistake and buy unhalaled meet thus causing them an insult to their religious belifes.

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What's in a name? - Fr Simon - 30-09-2010, 08:06 AM
Unlabelled halal meat - James-Antony - 01-10-2010, 12:36 PM

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