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Pastoral Care of "Homosexuals"
07-10-2007, 04:57 AM,
Re: Care
John Charmley Wrote:The homosexual who claims he or she was 'born that way' is no different from the heterosexual male who claims he can't help sleeping with lots of women because 'I'm made that way'; all equally glory in their sin; they both transgress Divine Law; they both do damage to their own souls and those of others.

We are called to repentance and amendment of life; God does not offer 'exeats' because 'you can't help it', or because 'I was born that way.'
God knows our nature, our true nature, and He sent His only-begotten Son into the world so th

If I may humbly add to the Mr. Charmley's statement a short one from Fr. John Anthony McGuckin: Speaking of St. Cyril's Christology: how The Incarnate God experiences all other human factors:

Quote: Like the other Fathers, Cyril excludes the the experience of sin from Jesus, something which he sees as not essentially "human" in any case, merely a perversion of true humanity.

I find it cause for much joy and hope that sin was not a part of God's plan for us. In that it is comforting, when sometimes losing hope while pondering over my many sins, to bring back to mind that to which I was called: a humanity refelcting the Image and Likeness of The Godhead, fully alive, and that, in the measure of abundunce which Our Lord provides.

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