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What is Baptism: A few musings.
28-10-2013, 07:43 AM,
RE: What is Baptism: A few musings.
I have a new prayer life. Not only is the emphasis of the prayer different and in keeping with my acknowledgment of my personal sinfulness, but it has a new intensity which has brought an interesting consequence. I find my prayers are always being interrupted or distracted, and clearly Satan is getting worried! I comfort myself with the thought that if that is the case I must be doing something right! And every time it happens, Jesus bolsters me up as I reject Satan and tell him to be gone.

After one highly profound (and recent) experience, I find even more to deal with. Glimpses of the Heavenly state are often just that - short glimpses of sublime beauty. And after ecstasy (as the Zen masters say), the laundry. Worse than the laundry (which is bad enough), I find myself wondering why that glimpse stopped - was I doing or saying something wrong? Have I bished it up? Will it ever happen again? Have I been found wanting...?

I was discussing this with Fr. Simon this weekend. Whenever I am saying my prayers there is something more interesting going on, whether I am suddenly fascinated by the fact that a bird whistled 10 minutes before and suddenly wish to hunt for it, or whether someone knocks on my door, there is always something going on. There is no way escape this, endurence in prayer is the only key I think.


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