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What is Baptism: A few musings.
27-05-2010, 09:03 PM,
If I am getting this right then, in a peculiar way, it appears that the more such distractions arise, it points to our success, in that the direction of the mind towards God the Father, God the Son and the God the Holy Spirit is freaking out the 'opposition'. If we were being blancmange-like, I suppose that opposition would not be roused, so it's kind of an inverse compliment.

I find the whole topic of being 'unworthy' arising at the moment. I think this is the "opposition's work", too, as I am quite clear that any progress I make is entirely through Grace and not my own puny efforts, in any event. I have often thought that we don't do spiritual growth - 'It' does us, if we invite it and allow. Unworthiness doesn't bar us from Divine assistance, if we ask for it. Yet still...those nagging doubts.

After one highly profound (and recent) experience, I find even more to deal with. Glimpses of the Heavenly state are often just that - short glimpses of sublime beauty. And after ecstasy (as the Zen masters say), the laundry. Worse than the laundry (which is bad enough), I find myself wondering why that glimpse stopped - was I doing or saying something wrong? Have I bished it up? Will it ever happen again? Have I been found wanting...? and so on.

It's all rubbish, product of the feeble human mind (and the 'opposition'?), but it still occurs. Those events are gifts, not a product of deserving. The only tack I know how to take is just to plough on in prayer and more prayer, and just accept that, in the words of Manuel, "I know nothing', and wait for everything to be revealed, in time, by Grace.

Kirk, I am going to do what you suggest, too - and pepper my prayers and moments of doubt with 'Help me, Lord Jesus!". Great idea. Thanks for that.

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