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Coptic Orthodoxy: A Systematic Presentation
22-01-2007, 08:21 AM,
Coptic Orthodoxy: A Systematic Presentation
Does the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate make available to enquirers a systematic presentation of Orthodoxy as it sees it, in English, with an indication as to the 'lowest common denominator' or 'irreducible minimum' which it is prepared to accept from those seeking to link themselves with it?

The Roman Catholic Church have got their massive Catechism which attempts to do just this, and it may be that other denominations have attempted to do the same.

As I have an IQ at perfect room temperature and find it difficult to appreciate to any meaningful degree the theological wranglings over the centuries (though I, of course, accept their importance and validity) such a systematic presentation would be helpful before deciding whether or not I wish to become more deeply associated with the British Orthodox Church. The average working class "man in the street" like me is likely to be put off by feeling that you have to be some sort of amateur theologian, ecclesiologist or historian just to find faith in Christ. I have already encountered the equivalent within Orthodoxy 'at large' of people who seem to see themselves as ecclesiological or ecclesiastical "anoraks" or "trainspotters", keen to spot and highlight minor denominational differences within Orthodoxy and "anathematise" those who disagree with them. This seems to me to be somewhat missing the point of the whole exercise which is (presumably) a living faith in Jesus.

None of the very fine books recommended in 'Our Daily Life' are official Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate publications. Why is this? Why not make Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate literature in English more visible by mentioning it in 'Our Daily Life' for example... Just a thought. I realise that I am utterly clueless and have probably got this completely wrong. But...?

This is a very genuine wish on my part for better understanding.

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