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Film review: Agora
31-05-2010, 07:44 AM,
I am not the world's biggest film-goer, so my range of knowledge is fairly limited, but I do remember watching a less romantic film than Brother Sun, Sister Moon (which I did see, and loved to bits), which was called The Mission, about a missionary going to Latin America a few hundred years ago, and all his tribulations and trials.

It was very moving, and the integrity of the missionary was never assailed. Classic FM often plays the soundtrack, so that's pretty good, too!

I believe that Umberto Eco's book, The Name of the Rose, was made into a film, but I can't remember most of it as I saw it a lo-o-o-ng time ago. A few scenes stick in my mind, e.g., a fascinating scriptorium in the monastery. Still, as it's a whodunnit, probably it's less than positive for Christianity.

Given that the Bible is so chock full of amazing stories, it's quite incredible that Hollywood is still looking for 'ideas, man, ideas', and 'noo writers' :wink:

Incidentally, although it's not about Christianity, the film 'Gladiator' really brought home to me what those Christian martyrs faced when they were marked out for lion fodder in the Coliseum. (As an aside, I have a book on Roman Mosaics in my library, with one plate showing a mosaic of a poor soul at the precise moment of meeting his earthly end by means of a tiger biting into his eye (prior to the rest of it....). Gruesome. Clearly, the designer of the mosaic had witnessed such a thing.)

I also remember a film with Robert Powell in 'Jesus of Nazareth', made by Zefirelli, dating back many moons, which was lovely. I have just googled that, and also seen there is a DVD of The Gospel of John (I've never seen that, but it sounds great).

I was interested in your points about Darmiud MacCulloch's series, and I suspect that, although he is a great Oxford professor, that TV-world budgets and constraints, editing to fit time-scales available, etc, probably played some part in its imperfections, but all in all, it was a very absorbing work. Only God is perfect.

For me, the important thing is that the Holy Spirit can use it, despite imperfections, to bring alive in me the stories, the histories, the messages; to vivify it into a living reality for my soul, to reach past any resistances and areas of void or misunderstanding and to draw me closer in to what it is all about, and to provide a wellspring for further thought and absorption in it all, for His purposes. If it's just words on a page, then it's just words on a page. If it's a living reality in my heart, perhaps partly sprung from those words or films or pictures or songs - into the point of Communion - well, that's quite different.

Different topic (slightly): I often wonder why Jesus never wrote anything down, himself. Or if he did, what happened to it all.

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