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Online Orthodox education programme
05-02-2010, 11:55 AM,
learning more about Orthodoxy
I am new to the site, and new in my desire to learn about the Orthodox tradition. I have long felt unfulfilled by Anglicanism, to the point where my links with the Church have at times all but disappeared.

Recent circumstances (unemployment) have given me time to think about things more deeply, and God has taken my prayers and petitions and led me to this. I had no idea we even had an Orthodox tradition here in the UK, other than the Russian and Greek churches (I once went to a Russian Orthodox service in London, and even went to a fund-raising ball in the 1990s!). They were very beautiful, but I left thinking 'this is only for Russian people - I don't understand what is going on'.

Now, with the internet, I can read for myself what 'it' is all about and clearly, this is speaking more to my heart and mind than my previous experiences. I particularly like the the stronger sense that I believe I am seeing of inclusiveness with God through Christ and the very clear sense of being linked to the early church, rather than a sense of mild but polite alienation after centuries of political wrangling to be assuaged by hymn singing. Perhaps my words here are indelicate (maybe even plain wrong), but I am keen to learn more.

Could someone please direct me to the learning modules and let me know what is required for me to embark upon this?

I would also be keen to go on a retreat, or even spend time in seclusion in an Orthodox environment (later in the year), to immerse myself in this spiritual journey a little more. Is there such a place/retreat in the UK?

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