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Orthodoxy with a British ethos?
19-04-2010, 06:26 AM,
There are numerous True, Genuine, Authentic, Legitimate Celtic Orthodox Churches!! Yes, it is a great pity that none of them is anything of the sort.

The Liturgy of St James is of great antiquity and, in itself, is less ?foreign? to Western sensibilities than other Orthodox forms, especially in the version adopted by the BOC which derives much from ?The Office for the Sacrifice of The Holy Eucharist, Being The Ancient Liturgy of The Church of Jerusalem....? of Thomas Rattray, Non-Juror Primus (1739-1743). A commentary and text of this version of St James is found in W. Jardine Grisbrooke ?Anglican Liturgies of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries?, SPCK, London 1958:136-149, 317-332.

I agree with the popular problem of the ?Orthodox mindset?. There is an Orthodox mindset, a different paradigm through which theology (and the world) is seen and which is distinctly different from that of Western theology and philosophy. However, the term is more commonly used to refer to the adoption of supposedly Orthodox cultural forms which have nothing to do with Orthodoxy in its essence. I still recall with a mixture of horror and amusement an Orthodox liturgy celebrated by an English convert Priest (long hair, bushy beard, heavy Slavonic accent!) who celebrated in Church Slavonic for a congregation entirely of English-speaking converts (many of the men having long hair, bushy beards, heavy Slavonic accents) using a phonetic text to which the congregation responded from phonetic texts, since none of them understood Church Slavonic. I think the word is ?theatre? rather than ?liturgy?.

The Western Rite model is one with serious inherent problems (which I have discussed in previous postings). However, if an early British Roman rite was offered in a context of real Orthodox theology, I think it would represent the closest reconstruction of the earliest Orthodoxy of the British Isles. I have never seen such a wonder (and the versions I have seen first-hand have been very far from it).

However, I look with some tentative admiration at St Mark?s (Antiochian Western Rite) Parish in Denver: have a look at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> I do not know what Liturgy St Mark?s uses, but I suspect it is the so-called ?Liturgy of St Tikhon? (i.e. a supposedly Orthodoxified Book of Common Prayer) ? that would certainly put me off! However, it seems to be a thriving Western Orthodox parish within a traditional Eastern Orthodox Patriarchate.

Fr Gregory

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