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Lesson of Humility
18-03-2010, 03:40 PM,
Lesson of Humility
A young novice nun entered a nunnery but seemed to always get the most menial of jobs to do. She carried out these jobs with patience, happiness and love. This went on for years and years, until one day a bishop came to visit. All the nuns were very excited about this unexpected visit. The bishop wished to speak with the saint in the nunnery, so the mother superior was sent for, but the bishop said it was not her but the nun that did all the unsavoury tasks in the nunnery. It was she that was the saint that he wished to speak with.
So as Orthodox, irrespective of the task within the Church, we should carry out it out with love, patience and happiness, as the highest and greatest also serve. Even our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ knelt to wash the feet of the apostles, for He came to serve and not to be served.

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