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Growth of Orthodoxy
08-01-2010, 01:53 AM,
Hi Neville

Further to the excellent replies you have already had.

Firstly, don't worry too much about slow growth of the church. Size i not everything. I am Catholic and used to be quite smug about the size of the Church and used to love to see figures showing huge numbers of converts. Size does't mean truth. The Jews of the Old Testament were never huge majorities.

Secondly, don't give up on your church. Have you considered starting a 'cell' group. Also known as network groups or house groups. When I converted to Catholicism a few years back, even though the church I joined has quite a big congregation, there was no way to meet people to chat and talk about and explore the faith. I appraoched the priest and asked if I could borrow a room in the presbytery (my house is too small) once a fortnight from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Put a note in the church newsletter. Carried flyers with the group details on to give to people I saw in the church that I thought might be interested (anyone that looked lost or new or like a student new to the area or something)
Now we have anice little group that usually ranges from 6 to 10 people meeting up. Made some great life long friends, had great faith enhancing meetings.

I pray it all goes well for you.

God bless

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