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Anglicanorum coetibus and Orthodoxy
18-12-2009, 10:53 AM,
Dear Fr Gregory (& anyone else who may read this): Yes, I take your point completely; having myself spent 40 years between my first introduction to the Orthodox Church and entrance into it in a "halfway house" (albeit one without the benefit of communion with Orthodoxy) I'm in no position to criticise such a position for others. But I do nonetheless have strong reservations. Authentic (Eastern) Orthodoxy is closely bound up with its traditional liturgical expression, and allowing people to try and enter into the riches of the Orthodox spiritual tradition while effectively depriving them of its main medium of communication would end up selling them short. (And I don't think it's any good saying that before 1054 the western rites in their earlier forms were as Orthodox as their eastern counterparts; 1000 years of separate development have resulted in two (or more; I can't speak about the Oriental Orthodox tradition) completely different streams. Trying to graft one on to the other would do violence to the integrity of both, and trying to restore some conjectural form of pre-Schism western rite would be the ultimate in bogosity.)

I have another, purely practical reservation, which might also apply to the proposed "Anglican rite" in the RC Church (though that is none of our business). Most ordinary laypeople want quite simply to go to church -- to the normal mainstream liturgy of whatever Christian denomination they happen to belong to, and they don't want to have to drive miles & miles to find it. I am told that if I want to (I don't) I can indeed attend a w. rite liturgy in this country celebrated by a canonical Orthodox priest, but there is only one place where this is regularly available -- a cemetery chapel in Bournemouth. Fine if you live in B'mouth or its hinterland, but what happens if you don't?

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