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church of england/scotland
05-09-2009, 10:38 AM,
church of england/scotland
Dear Simon,
The reason I put the issues of war and homosexuality together on the same post was because they are two issues in which the Anglicans are at odds with Christianity. (Though, the Anglicans being what they are, not everyone believes the same thing). The issues at stake when I posted this was the destructive road the Anglicans are on. By all means, it is possible to have three threads: a/ Anglicanism; b/ homosexuality; 3/ war.
To respond to the points you have made, Simon, I believe that there is no need for armed forces, that in opposing the war in Iraq the Church is behaving in accordances with Christian principles, that evil should not be resisted with evil. I know that I will shock many on this, and that there will be those who will ask me if there should have been a war against Hitler, a question which I will gladly respond to if anyone does ask.
Yes, Christ, the Church, the Sacraments are the best response to anyone coming to us, because we are all sinners and it is only Christ, the Church and the Sacraments which can cleanse us. The problem with what appears to be the majority faction in Anglicanism, is that they do not believe that homosexuality is a sin, but something to be blessed with same-sex marriages. They respond to Biblical statements which tell us that homosexuality is sinful by saying that in the Bible it is permitted to stone people for sinning, therefore implying that we should be selective in what we follow. They forget, of course, the famous incident of the woman taken in adultery. Only cast the first stone if you are without sin, says Christ, in response to which the self-righteous slink away. So Christ does not countenance stoning. Nor does He condemn. But this does not mean that He tells the woman that adultery is fine and to be celebrated. On the contrary, He tells her to go "and sin no more."

Kirk Yacoub

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