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Sola Paradosis?
02-05-2009, 02:40 PM,
admin Wrote:I wonder what a generous Calvinism looks like? And if that has more in common with a generous Orthodoxy?

Dear Father Peter,

Ask and ye shall receive! :lol: This conversation has taken a very pleasant turn.

[If this link doesn't work, do a search under the title: "The Beauty of the Redemption of the World:*The Theological Aesthetics of Maximus the Confessor and Jonathan Edwards" and click on in your choices]

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This paper, The Beauty of the Redemption of the World: The Theological Aesthetics of Maximus the Confessor and Jonathan Edwards, is written by an old school chum of mine. We both attended the same calvinistic bible college and went on to the same calvinistic seminary that I mentioned above. For that matter, he (the calvinist) and I (the follower of Cassian unaware) used to talk in between classes and by email about what has been raised in this thread. We would trade well honed responses and bash each other over the head with our bible verses and other until we were both blue in the face . . . but, now both of us think differently than we used to (we are both more generous than we used to be), and I think both of us subscribe to the above mentioned conclusion in my last post.

But, all of that aside, there may be some gems for you to glean on even a skim of this paper as it relates to anything resembling a common ground which would include the Reformed churches and the Orthodox churches. This paper just came out in the Harvard Theological Review this past January, and I am somewhat interested to see if anyone will interact with this in regard to relational ontology provided in John Zizioulas's Being as Communion. Specifically, I am referring to Zizioulas's writing on the problem of a proper synthesis between Christology and Pneumatology in Orthodox Ecclesiology. Much as you have suggested elsewhere Father, there is a lacking in the pnuemotological dimension as we consider the catholicity of the Church today.

And, for that matter, look at the move he makes in this paper as it relates to our other discussion of theosis and theopoiesis. Especially, through his interaction with St. Maximos the confessor as it relates to ascending and descending and how the Eastern Church views participation and deification through the contemplation of the Divine Logos (viz. Logos/logoi).

If you are reading this Don, you might even want to give this paper a go where it speaks to one of your first questions in the forum about the energies of the Creator present in his creation.

I also appreciate your comments above Father about the negativity in a less than generous Calvinism and the logical end conclusion found there, wherein as some like A.W. Pink call for a "sweet spirit of resignation" but in the end there is only the sign over Dante's Hell to be found: "Abandon all 'hope' ye who enter here."

What a nice turn here. Smile Yes, a theology of love, a theology of hope.

In Christ,

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