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The question of low church orthodoxy.
20-04-2009, 08:15 PM,
The question of low church orthodoxy.
I am currently a practicing Anglican and am most definately of the low church variety. However, having visited an Orthodox church and having read Orthodox theology I am convinced that it too has some low church qualities. Most notably, Orthodoxy appears to focus upon scripture as a source of faith and diverges from the Catholic tradition of the cult of the Virgin Mary. I am proud of my Protestant heritage but am afraid for the future of Christianity here in Britain, given the sweeping liberalisation that the Church of England is currently under-going. Therefore, I have considered convertion to Orthodoxy, which appears more resolute against the assaults of the modern world.
But I have some reservations. I do not want to abandon my low church heritage and I still want to feel at home in my local Anglican Church. So, is there anyone with any deep understanding of Orthodox practice and theology that could allay my fears or make any other helpful suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
Daniel Hayes.
Kyrie Eleison

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