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The Practicalities of Conversion
13-04-2009, 08:10 PM,
The Practicalities of Conversion
I think I have arrived at the point where I am convinced of the theological necessity of conversion to Orthodoxy. But I am confused as to the practicalities that this entails. For example, does one become Orthodox, or are you a particular kind of Orthodox? 45 mins from my home there is an Orthodox church under the Antiochian Church, and nearer to me is a Sacramental Community in the Russian Orthodox Church. How does one tell the difference between what is essentially a chaplaincy and a mission based, outward looking church? And more importantly, I am finishing my degree and liable to move away from home, and I do not know where to. I need to know that I will be able to worship wherever I go, so if I become Orthodox am I then able to worship in any Orthodox church, regardless of ethnic background?

Finally, I am engaged to be married. How will this be impacted on by my plans?

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