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Considering Propositions
13-04-2009, 01:35 PM,
Dear Marc,

Thanks for your contributions here, they are appreciated and well received (and thought provoking).

Keeping in the spirit of the Father Peter's parameters here for this thread, I would like to share that as I considered this further (viz. the comment that most of our doctrine is reactive), it occurred to me that while this is and has been true of Eastern Orthodoxy . . . how does this square up with the teaching of Christ and His disciples?

Christ was not without His challengers/enemies during His day, and niether were the Apostles after the ascension.

As we consider both the praxis and the methodology of Christ and His followers, as they related to those outside of their group, would they be considered as being characteristically 'reactive' or 'proactive?' What is the rule here, and what is the exception to the rule. I think we see that it mattered who they were talking to. There was a reactiveness at play with the Pharisees, and at times with this group there was a silent treatment given to them. I think of Paul to the Galatians. So, I think it is a fair question to consider who the Creed is meant to speak to primarily, how is is intended to be used primarily. Does it promote a beginning point whereby there is a defensiveness or stand-off-ish-ness that unecessarily alienates folks?

However, it seems clear to me that the doctrine of the Kingdom of God, the Kerygma of Christ, was something that would be most characterized not by a negative or reactive approach; but, instead a more balanced (turning from and turning to) and proactive approach. We see both a reaching out, an outreach to individuals and large groups of folks that were on the outside. We see a talking with, as reasoning with, a positive engagement with the pagans of the day through various means. In fact, I think we could draw some parallels between this first proposition and the speech of Paul on Mars Hill . . . but, especially as we consider the method and the positive approach of Paul on Mars Hill, again, we might compare and contrast the negative/reactive with the positive/proactive and ask "what's the point?"

As I consider how this effects me, as Father Peter has suggested, as well as how it effects the alienated of our present day, it brings the question t my mind, as a rule, why would anyone want to further alienate the alienated? Again, we can see some of this with the approach used towards those in the past whom our Lord considered to be "snakes and vipers;" however, this was a limited useage and the exception to the rule as it relates to the good news of Christ, the proclamation of the Church.

And, possibly this is another key consideration here, was the Kerygma of Christ the new testament Church? Or was the Kergyma of Christ the Kingdom of God? I think this really does matter. Do we preach icons and saints primarily? Or, do we preach what Christ preached primarily?

Yes, the more I think about it, it is absolutely critical what our starting point is as Father Peter has said initially.

In Christ,

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