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BOC Outside Britain
01-04-2009, 07:35 AM,
Dear Peter

I am also from Kent! Although I still live here.

There is something very attractive about the Coptic Orthodox Church, and I would highly recommend that you visit one or two Churches just to get a feel. I am sure that there will also be a culture shock!

But there is indeed a simplicity about the Coptic Orthodox practice of the faith, even though this doesn't mean that all Copts are saints. Expect real human weakness everywhere because we are all weak humans.

ROCA has gone through a particular history which makes it as it is. I do have problems especially with the insularity it tends to promote. I have always preferred the Coptic model of seeking to be both faithful to the Orthodox Way while also being outward looking.

I cannot say that you should do this or that, only you can discern your path according to God's will. But if you visit one or two Coptic Churches then at least you will have more experience and knowledge to base your decisions on.

God bless you in your pilgrimage

Father Peter

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