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Anglicanism and Orthodoxy
03-12-2006, 10:22 AM,
Anglicanism and Orthodoxy
I was delighted to see the message of support from the Bishops of Ebbsfleet on the website; he is quite right to point out that in these rather aggressively secular times, Christians should be supporting each other, and his voice, is a welcome addition to those within the Churches who are standing up for the Faith.

His comments made me think though about the relationship between Anglicanism and Orthodoxy.

There was a time, and amazingly it was not that long ago, when some of us thought that there would be a convergence between the two 'branches'; indeed, if memory serves me correctly, the C of E even decided to phase out the use of the filoque in the Creed (please correct me if this is a rose-tinted delusion).

However, events over the past quarter of a century have made this impossible - and not because of shifts within Orthodoxy. This has certainly left some Anglicans, of whom I was one, bereft; I hope it will not seem arrogant to say that I feel that I have not moved, and have ended up with the Church leaving me.

I did my best by way of obedience, but could not see how what my Church was doing was reconcilable with Orthodox belief. That, of course, raises the question of why this should matter in our syncretist age?

Two good friends of mine who are Catholic converts cannot see why I do not do what for them was the 'sensible and obvious thing', which is to 'pope'. There is a complicated answer to that, which I won't trouble anyone with, but part of it is that to me Roman Catholicism is far more 'foreign' than British Orthodoxy. One of my Orthodox friends says this does not matter, since all that is important is 'right worship'; however, that is not how it feels to me - or rather, 'right worship' involves feeling 'at home' as well as everything else.

Is this just irretrievably shallow of me? For me, British Orthodoxy is a key path to Orthodoxy since it is one I feel can follow without having to pretend to be Greek or Russian. In that sense, it corresponds to the Anglicanism I never abandoned, but it supplements it, makes it whole, and takes me further than the C of E could. I do not see myself as having abandoned Anglicanism, but having found the Truth more fully within the BOC.

I wonder if others have thoughts on this?

In Christ,

In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins. (1 John 4:10)

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