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Hello from a new member
12-11-2008, 10:22 PM,
Hello from a new member
Hello to all members of this forum

My name is Cameron Tyre and I was christened in the Protestant Church of Scotland.

Through studying the transport systems of Serbia as a part of my work, I began to study the history of the country and its people. Through this study I discovered the Orthodox Church which I previously knew nothing of except its name.

I have never felt myself to be a part of the Protestant church that I was christened into yet I have never doubted the facts of the Christian story and have so many questions that I wish to be answered about God and life.

For the last few days I have been reading about the Orthodox Church via the internet and truly believe that at last, at the age of 40, I may have found a church that my personal beliefs fit in with.

I would like to ask for guidance on what sources to study to gain a proper appreciation of the Orthodox Church and its history and the beliefs upheld by it. I offer my appreciation in advance for any guidance or assistance offered.

God's blessing upon you all,


Scotland, UK

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