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06-11-2008, 09:29 AM,
Climbing out of my sick bed (apologies for my silence!) I would simply like to add that the basic problem with protestants is that they do not understand the meaning of the word faith, thinking that it is a synonym of belief. Anyone can believe without doing anything about it, but faith is an active principle which inevitably includes works. Works are an expression of the depth of our faith. Salvation comes through the grace of God and not through what we do because each human soul is equal, being in the image of God. Someone who is able to do many things for other people is not due a better salvation than a paraplegic whose physical abilities to do good works are greatly impaired. However, if we then shrug and say, "I believe" and expect God's grace as a right, we will be in for a shock. If all we can do is help the lives of those we live with,and we do this in prayer, then we are fulfilling our faith.

Kirk Yacoub

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